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MSB is held to the highest standard to empower and lead our clients and ourselves in a way that is always driven by one singular purpose - to discover and develop students. Protecting the privacy of student information is an important part of this commitment. Recently, MSB has advanced our online security within X Logs. This article will explain these updates and any action you may need to take.

What changes have been made?

Auto Log Out

To ensure the security of data in X Logs, the system will now automatically log the user out of X Logs after a period of inactivity. The timer icon will turn red prior to the auto logout taking effect.


Login- Recovery Email

X Logs now requires each user to have a separate recovery email on file. If no recovery email is found when logging in, the site will redirect you to your profile page to add your recovery email.


Password Rules

  • X Logs users will need to update their password to meet the new requirements upon login. Passwords must now also be updated every 90 days. Users will not be able to change their password more than once every 10 days.

    Password requirements:

    • Length: 10 characters minimum - 39 characters maximum
    • Must contain 3 of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers, special characters/symbols

    Passwords CANNOT contain:

    • User first name, last name, or email
    • The phrase MSB, X Logs, or Waypoynt
    • A numeric year or a date
    • Cannot be the same as the 4 previous passwords used and must be significantly changed

Account Unlock

X Logs will lock a users account after 3 unsuccessful attempts. You will be able to unlock your account by answering each of your security questions. These questions and answers are typically set up upon registration and can be viewed or changed under the X Logs "My Profile" section.

When attempting to unlock your account, you will be greeted with one question one at a time. After answering each one correctly, you will be prompted with the next question until all 3 are answered correctly.


MSB is excited to enhance our online security measures. As always, if you have any questions or need assistance with logging in, your password, or anything X Logs related please reach out to our Client Care Team by Live Online Chat or at 855.573.8071.

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